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UPVC Loft Hatch Unit

The UPVC loft hatch has a smooth white maintenance free finish which requires no painting or decoration. The ceiling hatch frame is fitted with a locking mechanism to provide an effective air tight seal. The hatch is also insulated with a thick layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) on the back of the door.

UPVC Hinged Hatch replacement for an existing UPVC Pop-up Hatch £155
New UPVC Hatch Fitted to a New Enlarged Opening +£55
Form New Opening and New UPVC Hatch to a New Location +£85
Close Over Old Hatch, Plaster Board & Skim Finish £50
Enlarged Opening to Old Lath and Plaster Ceilings +£55

Easiway Loft Ladder
This Aluminium Easiway has three sliding sections and a handrail for added safety when in use. Designed for strength and durability, this quality loft ladder is easy to use and suitable for most applications.

  • Large handrail for safe climbing
  • Pivot armed for smoother ladder control
  • Unique spring loaded safety catches to prevent premature drop during sliding ladder operation
  • 50mm deep non slip flat treads
  • Max. extended floor to floor height 3.0mtr
  • The stowing pole supplied with the ladder also operates the upvc hinged loft hatch unit

Supply and Fit (to an existing hatch unit) £285
Supply and Fit (including a new hatch unit) £395

FAKRO Timber Folding Loft Ladder
This is a 'cassette' style unit in that the hatch unit, door & ladder are all part of the same item. The opening in the ceiling will need to be framed timber architrave fitted after the ladder is in place. The unit requires no stowage space outside the area of the hatch as the ladder stows on top of the hatch door. The door is insulated and finished in matt white. The operation of the door is aided by heavy-duty springs. Once the door is opened the ladder folds out, requiring approximately 1.6 metres of clearance from the back of the door.

Size Options
(1) Width 550mm - Length 1110mm
(2) Width 600mm - Length 1200mm

Fakro Folding Ladder, Supply and Fit (including enlarged hatch opening)


Safety Balustrade
We supply and fit timber loft balustrades surrounding the loft opening to ensure maximum safety.

Safety Balustrade, Supply and Fit £165

Floor Joist Strengthening

Ceiling joists are cross battened and strengthened as minimum standard, avoiding cutting notches into the ceiling joists for electric cables etc, and weakening the joists. (A big no-no for us!)

Strengthened Floor, Supply and Fit (per 100 sq'ft - Floor Area 10ft x 10ft) £320

Raised Sub - Floor

By raising your loft floor creates a solid, strong platform to use your loft space for heavy storage items without losing any benefits of your loft insulation, as compressing your insulation causes it to under perform and may cause condensation to form under the floor.

Raised Sub-Floor, Supply and Fit (per 100 sq'ft - Floor Area 10ft x 10ft) 3"-£350 / 4"- £375

Independent Floor Joists
Independent floor joists are a good idea and sometimes a requirement if your ceiling joists are to thin for heavy loads. The new timber joists have been installed and sit above the ceilings.


Independent Floor Joists, Supply and Fit (per 100 sq'ft - Floor Area 10ft x 10ft) £475

Loft Floor Boarding
As standard, we counter screw 18mm thick construction grade T&G moisture resistant flooring to a new timber framework above your existing ceiling joists, ensuring a strong and level floor surface.

You can have as little or much flooring installed to cater for your own needs and requirements. Discounts available on full loft floor covers.

In modern trussed roof we can fit shelving the 'V's of the Roof Trusses.This makes for convenient storage of lightweight items.

Supply and Fit (Each shelf measures 8ft by 2ft) Each £52

SuperQuilt multi-foil insulation
Due to the special composition of 19 layers of foil and fibre insulation, it effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation) and works most effectively by reflecting infra-red radiation. This means that not only makes it effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but also is a very effective solar over heating barrier, preventing uncomfortable heat build up in the roof space. SuperQuilt also acts as vapour control layer, preventing condensation forming and creating a completely draught free loft space.

SuperQuilt Insulation, Supply and fit (Based on an average sized 2 bedroom terraced house)
From £850

Insulation & Plaster Boarding
We can fit a variety of roof insulation materials and fix plasterboard to any areas of the loft roof that you specify. This can be applied to the whole roof. Alternatively, if only a section of the loft is to be floored we can erect stud eaves frames and apply plaster board to partition off the floored area.

Supply and Fit (Price is dependant on which type of insulation material to be used) From £3500

Roof Windows
We supply and install most type's of roof windows including all top hung, centre pivot and conservation types.

Roof Windows, Supply and Fit. From £660

The below optional extras can be added to any of our packages and are priced inclusive of supply and fit.

Loft Clearance and Re-Stow Stored Items From £60
Additional Strengthened Flooring £32 per sq'mtr
Additional Raised Sub-Floor From £25 per sq'mtr
Insulation Top-up - 4" (100mm) Layer of Earthwool Loft Insulation
£12 per sq'mtr
4'ft Fluorescent Tube with Separate Switch £175
Each Additional 4ft Florescent Tube £75
Pendant or Batten Light with Separate Switch £95
Each Additional Pendant or Batten Light £25
Fitted Cupboards & Storage Units From £395
Fitted Access Doors to Eaves £125

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